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The Golden Rule - Sally (skunk) & Bianca (bunny)

no props

Sally - (appears ... no words for now ... lays head down ... heartbroken)

Bianca - (appears after a few seconds)

Excuse me. (gently taps Sally on the back)

Hello there! Are you OK, Sally?

When we were lining up to come to Art, I saw you smiling bigger than anyone.

Sally - (lifting head ... sad voice) Yes, Bianca, art's my favorite subject. (puts head back down)

Bianca - I don't understand. Didthey run out of paintbrushes?

Sally - No, that's not it. (gets self upright now)

Bianca - Well, what happened then? Why are you so sad?

Sally - You see - When I sat down at the table, everyone started making fun of me.

They held their noses and called me "Stinky".

Then they ALL got up and moved over there.

Bianca - What?!? (in unbelieving voice) That's no way to treat a new student!

And, anyway, I'm standing right here beside you, and I don't smell a thing.

Sally - I know. We skunks only give off that bad odor when we're startled or afraid.

It's the way we protect ourselves.

Bianca - Don't worry, Sally. Come sit with me and my friends.

We'll make room for you at our table.

Sally - Really? (voice brightens) Why would you be so nice to me, Bianca?

Bianca - It's called the Golden Rule. I learned about it at church.

When Jesus lived on earth a long time ago, He taught everyone to treat each other the way they wanted to be treated.

Sally - WOW - I like that rule!

Bianca - Yeah, me too. Come on!

I think the teacher's ready to give us our instructions. (both disappear together)


Scripture Theme

"Therefore, however you want people to treat you, so treat them." (Romans 3:23, NASB).

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