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Hand Puppet Skit about What Would Jesus Do?

Little Bear and Mr. Moose

no props

Little Bear - (appears ... looks all around)

This path doesn't look familiar. (again, looks all around)

And I don't think I've ever seen these trees before.

Oh No! It's getting dark, and I'm LOST.

(sits down and starts crying)

Mr. Moose - (appears, after a few seconds - with a thumping foot step noise)

Whoops! I almost stepped on you. You're so tiny.

Little Bear, what are you doing out here so late?

Little Bear - (stands up and wipes eyes)

You see, Mr. Moose, I was visiting my grandmother at her cabin in the forest, and

I seem to have gotten turned around. I'm afraid I'm lost.

Mr. Moose - Yes, there are a lot of different trails out here.

Little Bear - Mr. Moose, if you could please point me in the direction of Apple Tree Falls,

I think I can find my way home. My family lives in a den just behind those Falls.

Mr. Moose - Well, Little Bear, why don't you just climb up on my back? I know

those Falls, and I'll be happy to take you home.

Little Bear - Oh Me! That'd be GREAT, Mr. Moose. Are you sure?

Mr. Moose- Yes, Little Bear. "What Would Jesus Do" is my motto.

Little Bear - How do you know that's what Jesus would do?

Mr. Moose - Well, Little Bear, the Bible tells us we should look out for one another

and not just ourselves. And Jesus wants the Bible to be our guide in life.

Little Bear - Yippee! I'm sure glad YOU found me, Mr. Moose.

Mr Moose - Yes, and I'm glad you stopped crying, Little Bear. Come on up now.

Little Bear - OK ... THANK YOU sooo much, Mr. Moose. (climbs up on Mr. Moose's back)

Mr. Moose - You're welcome. Hold on tight, Little Bear. Here we go! (puppets disappear)


Scripture Theme

"And look out for one another's interests, not just for your own."

​(Phillipians 2:4, Good News Bible).

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